Create your amazing Plan for Influential Livestreams – Workshop

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The Step-by-Step 30 day Plan for Influential Livest streams for Amazing Entrepreneurs…

“Going Live is NOT Business As Usual!”

Hey amazing business owner,

So many entrepreneurs I know freeze up at the thought of going live especially because there’s a link between camera ready and self-worth.

Can I really be me?
Am I good enough?
Is my look good enough?

And around and around you go.

Best not to change anything when it feels so much safer to just hang low, and hope for the best, regardless – whether or not you’ll make money!

Because in your mind, as long as the sales are coming in,
that must mean everything is fine…right?

The truth is…

Video builds connection, but so few of use know how to plan for that.

Included in this workshop:

  • -Marketing Guide
  • -Templates
    • 2-part email follow-up
    • 3- part email series
    • Facebook Ads
    • ROI Tracker
    • Live  Descriptions
    • Live Re-purposing Planner
    • Live Resource Guide
    • Viewer Engagement Template
    • Long Live Content Outline Template
    • Short Live Content Outline
    • Live Idea Generation Template
  • -Live-stream checklist (Before, During, & After)
  • Monthly Reports
  • 30 Day Plan
  • Printable Calendar



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